Don’t Throw the Printer Out the Window Yet


So, paper resumes ARE going away? No need to worry about printed documents anymore? Don’t Throw the Printer Out the Window Yet!

Someday, probably – but NOT YET!

I have read articles and attended seminars in which industry gurus say, “Resumes are going away. Only Social Media Profiles will be important!” There is some validity to this argument. Social Media Profiles (LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook) are very important – much more important than people generally realize – but they do not render the traditional resume obsolete. While it is critically important to project the proper image in these media, the paper resume is still the main job searching tool.

While very few job searchers actually stuff envelopes and mail resumes to perspective employers, all resumes submitted electronically need to be in a printer-friendly format.

Don’t Throw the Printer Out the Window Yet

From the perspective of the hiring manager, here is the benefit of paper: it stacks nicely, is convenient for making notations, and provides easy comparison across multiple resumes simultaneously.

In a typical scenario, the hiring manager is busy. She has ZERO time to look at resumes (after all, she is seriously understaffed). She knows she must review resumes to hire people but if she sits in her office the phone will ring, someone will stop by, and/or her PC will beep with notifications of incoming mail. Her solution? She disconnects from the digital world, grabs a pen and a stack of paper resumes, and runs down to the coffee shop for 25 minutes to work “uninterrupted.”

This is what really happens. Hiring Managers from all industries and in all fields, including Information Technology, agree that working with paper resumes is more convenient for them.

Each form of media serves a different purpose. The resume is a foundational building block for highlighting expertise. From a well-constructed, professional resume it is easy to create or update LinkedIn and Google+ profiles. So, don’t discount the importance of investing in a basic high quality resume document that can be repurposed in many ways.

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