Unification in Healthcare


Unification in Healthcare by Dave Amin – There is no better vantage point from which to watch the fragmented, wasteful and ineffective nature of our healthcare system than the emergency department. Yesterday I spent nine hours putting metaphorical band aids on largely preventable medical problems.  I am surrounded by computer systems, monitors, alarms and imaging systems – none of which talk to each other. And yet Amazon knows when my laundry detergent is running low and effortlessly sends me more without my asking. Where are our priorities when digital marketing knows my every purchase and even movement patterns and yet a patient cannot properly keep track of their blood sugar or blood pressure? 

Unification in Healthcare

It is time to leverage technology to unify and integrate healthcare. Population health requires a unified approach to healthcare that is not focused on episodic acute care but wellness – emotional, social, financial and physical. Want to drive costs down and create efficiency? Unify and integrate healthcare around the concept of wellness. People have a right to be as genetically healthy as possible.

 The same technology and data analytics that make digital marketing so effective (yes, I buy stuff I don’t need online too) can be used to unify and integrate healthcare around wellness. It is already happening to some degree and a lot of smart people are working on the problem. However, I worry that it is still not a priority. Imagine if Amazon or Apple or Google could monetize healthcare integration.  The world would be rushing to get a piece of the action! So, let’s prioritize unification and integration and leverage technology to make ourselves well. I would rather put real band aids on unpredictable cuts and scrapes rather than metaphorical band aids on preventable illness.

Unification in Healthcare by Dave Amin Hosted by RxReboot