7 Seconds for Your Resume



7 Seconds for Your Resume

“But this resume is about me. ME!”

“No, this resume is not about you,” I responded.

“This resume is not about me? Then who is it about?” asked Michelle.

“This resume is about the hiring manager.”

I was speaking with Michelle, Who was a project manager at a large New York City bank. We were discussing how to present her projects and accomplishments on her resume as well in her spoken communications. Specifically, we were discussing how to present the results of her great accomplishments. Michelle was concentrating on grammar, sentence structure, and word choices.

“Don’t you think this is a more direct way to write about my accomplishments?”

Michelle was concerned that there were more direct ways to present her accomplishments. Her solution to writing about her accomplishments assumed the hiring manager was going to read an entire sentence. We spoke about this for a while. I must admit, from Miss Tarleton’s point of view, Michelle was correct (Miss Tarleton was my 7th grade English teacher). I convinced Michelle that hiring managers and recruiters simply scan resumes – they don’t read them. Michelle’s resume has less than 10 seconds to persuade a recruiter or a hiring manager to read deeper.

The writing and formatting style I use in a resume, and the style that I coach candidates on presenting in their elevator pitches, networking, and interviewing, is to present their information in alignment with the way the reader/listener take in information.

My goal when coaching candidates or writing resumes is to target the hiring manager. Finding a job and working is about delivering value in a way that’s as clear and transparent as possible to the hiring manager. I don’t like or dislike resume formats. I like what works.

7 Seconds for Your Resume