Never Waste a Crisis: Move Your Career Forward from Home Step Two: Spring Cleaning for Your Resume


Never Waste a Crisis:  Move Your Career Forward from Home

Step Two: Spring Cleaning for Your Resume

“With this Coronavirus ‘shelter in place,’ what should I do about my resume?” Michelle asked me.

This is a great question. One of the best times to update your resume is when you can concentrate on your accomplishments from a quiet place. 

Now is a great time to conduct some Spring Cleaning for your resume. Here is a simple Resume Update Bingo card that will help you. Score a bingo and double the impact of your resume!

A list of things to consider while cleaning/updating your resume today.

1.Change in Status

Start by listing any new responsibilities or changes in your job status. If you’ve been promoted, even a promotion in place (new title but same job), that should be noted.

2.List of Accomplishments  

Make a list of your accomplishments. If your position is totally routine, maybe you improved the accuracy of the system output or delivered a process a day or a week early. Maybe you volunteered for some particular project. Were you selected to take on a unique role? 

If you are a Project Manager or Coordinator, or Team Member working in project-based work, enumerate the projects you lead(led), support(ed), and completed.

If you are involved in Marketing and Sales, then your accomplishments are not just about production numbers, but also about strategic customer wins, account penetration, improved customer service scores, partnership relationships, etc.

Executive and management Leaders should think in terms of detailing vision, strategy, and leadership. How many employees?  Who are your customers? 

If you are a Technologist, think about new skills, certifications, and modern methodologists. Also, think about the projects you’ve worked on. This is about positively impacting specific projects or taking operations, a group, or a division and leading to better technical, operational, or revenue/savings results. 

If you are a Healthcare Leader, what steps have you taken to improve patient or financial outcomes? What new programs or initiatives have you initiated, directed, or been instrumental in implementing that have impacted major adverse events, physician recruitment, patient waiting time, patient satisfaction scores, long-term outcomes, etc.? Likewise, for financial income, what programs or projects have you been involved in around partnerships, training, inventory control, platform implementations, and other business initiatives?

Accomplishment Examples

  • Operational improvement
  • Reporting time or accuracy improvement
  • Cost savings
  • Customer experience improvement (time to answer / resolution)
  • Customer satisfaction scores improvement
  • New product / product line launch
  • Customer issues decrease
  • New technology implementation leadership
  • Customer self-service knowledge base launch/upgrade/improvement
  • Customer training update / new program launch
  • Management reporting improvement (clarity of presentation, automation, timeliness of information)
  • Functionality enhancement
  • Production output growth
  • Production quality enhancement / waste reduction
  • Margins improvement
  • Inventory cost decrease
  • Cutting edge technology development or introduction
  • Revenue enhancement
  • New customer wins
  • Strategic customer wins
  • Current customer contract expansions
  • Top Producer
  • Higher margin product sales shift
  • Strategic alliance and partnership development
  • Profitability improvement
  • Team / Group / Division turnaround
  • Higher margin products sales shift
  • Team Leadership (employee engagement, retention rate improvement, customer satisfaction)
  • Created a new culture of customer focus or sales success
  • Team or individual company and/or industry awards


After you have listed all your accomplishments and projects, think about how to measure success. If a hiring manager said to you, “Make me care,” how would you answer? What improvements can you identify using:

  • Percentages
  • Number of employees / customers / consumers impacted
  • Dollars
  • # of customers
  • New market niche development
  • # of employees (direct, indirect, matrix)
  • Deliverables on time and/or on a budget? Under budget?
  • Size of projects (months to launch, size of the team(s))
  • Business operations improvement (time-to-market, hours/days/weeks saved, headcount decrease)
  • Team or individual award basis (why awarded?)

4.New Summary or Profile Section?

After you have defined new content for your resume, consider whether you need to make a change to the Summary or Profile section and/or skill section of your resume. Also, are there any degrees, certifications, training, publications, professional affiliations, or volunteer work that should be added to your resume? 

Spring Cleaning: Step-by-Step Process

As a Life Career Coach, I know that spring cleaning is challenging for most people. And as emotional as spring cleaning your junk drawer can be. I understand spring cleaning your resume can also be sensitive. Each step takes effort. But that is the key. This is a step-by-step process.

Download the Bingo Sheet here.