“Do you want to meet the love of your life?” Look in the mirror


Self-care is a word that everyone has been using throughout the 2020 pandemic. What does it mean?

It doesn’t help that there are about ten thousand sites telling you how to “selfcare” yourself, but the funny thing is the only person who can control your brain is you. You cannot control the past, future, or other people. You can manage your mind and your action in the moments you are in right now only. 

Have you watched the Mel Robbins Ted Talk about the worst word in the world being: FINE? If everything is fine, then there is nothing to fix. 

Mel Robbins is right: Get out of your head. Feelings mess up what we want. Her 5-second rule helping the mammal instinct get out of your way works. Self-care is about your personal needs and no one else’s personal needs.

How to Love Yourself:

  1. Control your feelings
  2. Change your routine
  3. Act on Your Dreams

The question remains, do you love yourself enough to act on the true self care you need? Can you be in love with yourself? 


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It is a hard thing to manage our emotions when it comes it being out of our comfort zone. Contact me for trained, guided conversations on how to gain back the love for yourself.